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Remodel electro-fretsaw into electro-file.
    Files – is a class of bench tools which were for some reason avoided by electrification although the necessity of evening, filing or widening arises in modern bench work as often as one hundred years ago. However, like a hundred years ago, we have to roll up our sleeves and get down to work.
Modding server 1U
    The site has become more mature, its forum has started getting popular.., it is regularly read not only by users but search bots of Google and other MSN from Yahoo… This “gang” of search sites has become so big that common users will soon feel the lack of traffic :) Thus it’s high time to think over a new server; the old one can hardly operate with such increased workload and creaks at the seams… I’ve waited for the summer fall of prices on hardware, tightened my belt and…
Modding project InWinCustom
    I designed and made such unusual modding of transparent polycarbonate for contest InWin. The design of this custom looks like some fantastic puzzle and it is assembled precisely likewise :) Design and details of modding construction can be understood only in diagram, by means of three-dimensional modeling.
Experiments with DVD laser.
    The idea of the use of laser light-emitting diodes (LED) of the broken CD drives appeared in the forum not once… As far as I understood there were talks only, no actual experiments; perhaps it is for the better for someone…
Remodel standard power supply unit into a fanless one.
     Power supply unit is a headache for lovers of silent computers, second to hard disks. It’s not a big problem to cool a processor or a video adapter: there is much space – you can mount massive radiators and big fans. Power supply units cooling causes much more difficulties: the radiators area is limited with the box size; this, in its turn, constrains the ability of manipulations with the fan turns. To say more simply, for most models with the 80 mm fan slowdown to total noiseless..
Silencing power supply unit FSP FX600-GLN
    This construction is the first stage in the way to silent personal computer. We chose this model because of several requirements: safety, stability, capacity sufficient for a up-to-date computer (we planned to take something like Q6600, 2-4 Gb RAM, 8800 GTX(GTS)), construction which allows remodeling into the fanless one.
Speakers mod - SpiderSound
    It is already difficult to recollect now what exactly has inspired me for making such speakers with spider legs… But the result was rather well. The speakers look a little bit bulky on photos but really it is not so absolutely…
Old Radio mod..
    Every modder has successful and unsuccessful hand-made articles... Yes, put modders aside... everyone who engaged in handicraft has “favorites” - designs that have especially good result. This is one of my favorite mods.
Alternative means of lowering the hard disk noise: Hot switching off
    All modern effective means of noise insulation of hard disks have one essential shortcoming: labour-intensiveness. At that the final product has weight of three kilogrammes and fills one third part of useful space of the case. This makes utterly inexpedient such solution of the problem for “moderate” silence lovers who usually approach the modding from position of optimal balance between the result and effort.
Fanless computer / 0dBA Project rev. 2
    The previous construction has worked properly for near two years having undergone some insignificant redesign (mainly redecorating). In general it deserved only one censure – slow loading of levels in computer games because of laptop hard disks not united into raid. The time of upgrade came and we noticed at once the disadvantage of philosophy of components pacification with the help of remote radiators.
Mod "LowSphere"
    The idea of making polyhedral case is rather simple. All this started with a simple idea to form the spherical case, unusual, at a minimum of expenses in terms of technical and material issues. Having understood that to get acryl hemispheres of necessary diameter is a problematic task, steel spheres have already been in galleries, and in processing of the wood I still do not possess necessary skills, I decided to simplify the task - to make angular polyhedral sphere.
Silent computer - upgrade of hardware
     Almost everyone who saw my computer predicted real difficulties with upgrade of hardware, namely motherboard... It is difficult object, in fact motherboard is fast fixed to aluminum bed plate, numerous heat removers contact boards, and thermal tubes specially curved to the size and soldered in copper block-radiators run to processor and chipset...
Home-made sand blaster and modded glass engraving
    I offer for your consideration construction of a portable sand blaster for ornamental work, modding and other needs. It has some drawbacks but they are made up by the fact that it gives possibility to make quite professional devices at home. The blaster allows to apply sand engraving on glass and other materials, and remove old paint. The device is fed by a small compressor which costs 130 dollars...
Silent computer in self-made case.
    This computer has been made for a friend of mine. It wasn’t assembled from the very beginning; it is an upgrade of an assembled computer… During the upgrade we bought a new hard disk (80 Gb Seagate) and new 640 processor in exchange for 3 GHz Celeron. Other characteristics of the computer were suitable for its owner. Video adapter is absent; the owner is not interested in graphic games at all...
Home-made flexible heat pipes
    We wandered about this idea when we assembled fanless computers… We had to bend heat pipes to obtain close fit of thermal blocks; moreover, more than once, we had to disassemble the construction and waste our time. In addition there was a theme in the forum, where modders discussed utopian possibility of copper ends joining with a rubber hose :)
Modded alarm clock with six processors
    I am not sure that you have the same habits, but sometimes I have a strong desire to work with my hands and make a funny thing… At that, the thing is a “quick” one :) I don’t mean complicated and serious projects; by the way I have two such projects now. I mean a small modding which can be completed in one or two days, in order to enjoy the result in a short time. The modded device described below was designed in such way, but we met some difficulties in our way…
Silencing a hard drive
    The problem of hard disk noise insulation appeared at once after the computer had rid itself of all the coolers. Heretofore the squeak and chatter of heads were inaudible over the coolers noise. Let’s try to look into the essence of the Winchester noise to know the enemy by sight. First of all it is the low-frequency vibration – the result of wrong spindle balancing. Secondly, it is the repugnant high-frequency squeak which is produced by the heads hovering on the air cushion over the plates.
A noiseless hard drive in one day
    Once drinking beer we contrived one more funny variant how to overcome hard disk noise. At the same time we could test some noise absorbing characteristics of thermal paste which hadn’t been studied and shown in documents earlier. The essence of the idea is to sink the hard disk in the thermal paste!
Homemade silent power supply
    This article is meant for PC users who don’t like the noise of computer fans, and who are skilled persons and like doing things with their own hands. Saved money will be a nice bonus.
Modding Thermal Grease
    The idea arose by chance when I was lapping just another radiator and besmeared myself with worked-out grease… If you have lapped a cooler or radiator at least once in your life, you can conceive what I’m speaking about. As a matter of fact, why can’t we use this “mixture” instead of thermal grease?

Silent computer
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Non-constructive thoughts about modding...

    All began when one day my neighbour, he is Automatic Control Engineer, came and started to beg me to give him one diode. When I asked him why, he typed modding in a search engine. And it had a great effect on me. I was sick about it. Maybe there is nothing accidental in the world and this modding seed fell into good soil. All my life I was interested in design.

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