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    The idea of making polyhedral case is rather simple. All this started with a simple idea to form the spherical case, unusual, at a minimum of expenses in terms of technical and material issues. Having understood that to get acryl hemispheres of necessary diameter is a problematic task, steel spheres have already been in galleries, and in processing of the wood I still do not possess necessary skills, I decided to simplify the task - to make angular polyhedral sphere.

    At some moment I glanced at my table... Disassembled hardware, monitor, periphery, inconvenient sound buffer, wires, remote control, external drive... and not counting everlasting wirings, diodes, papers and other computer related rubbish left after usual modding. Some new decision was required urgently. At least I needed the case. But... I did not want anything obsolete and already hackneyed by others. Therefore I proceeded to some rather strange and unknown yet - combining computer and sound buffer in one...

    The base of the case represents a construction made of 5 mm acryl, which panels assembled on glued finger joint. The support of the case is a power unit. Motherboard of the format mATX is installed vertically above it, and in the free space at the level of PCI-sockets there is fixed a hard disk on vibration-absorbing suspension bracket...

    The project was initially created in 3D MAX 7. Why was the choice made in favor of this program of three-dimensional modeling? There are some reasons. First, it is my basic work. Second, this is one of those programs that allows taking into account more or less precisely not only overall dimensions and sizes but also work with any material, color and light, in contrast to, for example, programs of AutoCAD.

    The idea of this modding was to make an effect of visually empty cabinet, a kind of illusion of endless emptiness. The construction consists of two parallel mirrors, one of which is semi-transparent like in a laser resonator. If you put a source of light between these mirrors you’ll get a very beautiful effect of an illuminated tunnel running into the distance.

    The primary project originally was drawn in 3DMAX after overall measurement and photographing of all accessories. It allowed to create LowPoly objects of accessories that have already been arranged in virtual case and to get the normal sizes and drawings. The conception was based on desire to get not only beautiful case but also to achieve availability of contents inspection at the prospect of water-cooling installation. The original forms, which prompted this mod were the western mods ORAC and CYPERCUBE.

    Every modder has successful and unsuccessful hand-made articles... Yes, put modders aside... everyone who engaged in handicraft has “favorites” - designs that have especially good result. This is one of my favorite mods.

    It is already difficult to recollect now what exactly has inspired me for making such speakers with spider legs… But the result was rather well. The speakers look a little bit bulky on photos but really it is not so absolutely…

    For a basis of the form of future case the form of the cube has been taken, which was hackneyed in other mods. The second condition of the mod was making of maximum simple and accessible material for which processing it would be not necessary to use high-tech and expensive processes (laser cutting, air brushing, etc.).

    Details have been designed and modeled in computer. All plastic elements were cut out on industrial laser. Custom case with step by step fotos…

    Review of original case InWin, reconstruction of the case Recently I was charged to make a selection of cases InWin with the purpose of their further modding. Surfing in the site of supplier of such cases, I relaxed a little bit and rushed at once to the site namely InWin.

    I designed and made such unusual modding of transparent polycarbonate for contest InWin. The design of this custom looks like some fantastic puzzle and it is assembled precisely likewise :) Design and details of modding construction can be understood only in diagram, by means of three-dimensional modeling.

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    ThermaltakeXaser II Series Mid Tower mod

ThermaltakeXaser II Series Mid Tower mod
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    All began when one day my neighbour, he is Automatic Control Engineer, came and started to beg me to give him one diode. When I asked him why, he typed modding in a search engine. And it had a great effect on me. I was sick about it. Maybe there is nothing accidental in the world and this modding seed fell into good soil. All my life I was interested in design.

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