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    To my great regret there are few manufacturers that pay much attention to high-grade processing of heat removing surface of cooler, the surface that is in contact with processor. Even with unaided eye we can see cutter, chisel or grinding wheel signs. These surface defects can affect on the processor heating rate. If you can remedy this temperature values of cooling radiator would show a great improvement..

    Polishing is the final stage of metal working. We can talk about it for hours, there are lots of methods and technologies, lots of different polishing pastes, there are lots of only polish pastes, of different grain, for different materials and so on and so forth. The following guide is needed for polishing such soft metals as copper, brass or aluminum.

    This question is very popular on forum, that’s why I wrote this small guide. I took the most widespread Chinese multimeter priced at 6$. You can’t expect precisely from this device, but it can cope with it’s duties.

    Laser technology is a miracle! In foreign countries lasers are used almost everywhere from cutting paper packing to complex gears. Laser cutting is great for modding, it precisely and accurately cut any kind of patterns. Laser can cut almost all metals, all kinds of plastics, acryl, polycarbonate, wood, plywood and even glass

    What can be easier and more reliable than a screw joint? You can’t answer this question categorically, but while there is no replacement for bolts and screws, learn how to cut a screw properly. You'll need these skills not only for modding, but also in everyday use, for example, when you repair a car.

    This article was written to help people who can’t solder, who want to learn how to solder right. Soldering a printed circuit board. I’ll tell you how to unsolder the detail from the board or how to remove short circuit of chip's bond pad, and..

    Glass is rarely used in modding, and tat’s not fair. It’s rather cheap, it doesn’t scratch, easily mounted with any glue or with jointing compound. The only minus is that it can brake. From this article you’ll know how to cut, drill, saw, polish glass you'll know even how to cut it with scissors. These skills help you not only in modding, but also at home. For example, you could make an aquarium.

    I saw lots of articles with schemes on modding sites and you can see printed circuit boards on the pictures from these articles. Usually authors recommend or use bread boards with lots of holes in it or boards made of fabric-based laminate, which is divided into squares with cutting of copper layer, to make no contact between squares.

    This question is always often asked in our forum, that’s why I decided to write a special guide for modding beginners, because it's not a question for specialists. Yes, it's some kind a tradition that modding begins with a window in a computer... All modders pass this stage...

    Peltier elements (thermoelectric modules) are widely used in cooling systems. But not many people know about their another characteristics, to generate energy. This laboratory work is devoted to the study of these features.

    It’s deplorable but search of piece of copper for a hydro block or another article may become a problem. Strange as it may appear but nonferrous metal dealers don’t want to make advances to overclockers and sell the metal only wholesale. In the plants it’s difficult to get necessary metal as well...

    It’s a pity to say, but there are such questions in our forum that I think some modders were not attending physics lessons at school. I’ll try to correct this, particularly. I won’t delve into basics, but I’ll show different methods of connecting diodes and coolers to your computer and I’ll answer most common questions.

    Grinder is one of my favourite instruments (I‘m also like auto tuning), it can cut almost everything! Every metal, stone, granite, concrete, glass, Dutch tile and even plywood, but with awful smoke. It can cut, grind, polish, and finish. I’ll tell you straight - it’s very dangerous to use this instrument...

    I helped my neighbour to make a water block, and I decided to document this process. The first stage of surface preparing is the qualitative resetting. I have written about this already.

    I offer for your consideration construction of a portable sand blaster for ornamental work, modding and other needs. It has some drawbacks but they are made up by the fact that it gives possibility to make quite professional devices at home. The blaster allows to apply sand engraving on glass and other materials, and remove old paint. The device is fed by a small compressor which costs 130 dollars...

    The idea of the use of laser light-emitting diodes (LED) of the broken CD drives appeared in the forum not once… As far as I understood there were talks only, no actual experiments; perhaps it is for the better for someone…

    Files – is a class of bench tools which were for some reason avoided by electrification although the necessity of evening, filing or widening arises in modern bench work as often as one hundred years ago. However, like a hundred years ago, we have to roll up our sleeves and get down to work.

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Modding technology
    Casemodding & airbrashing

Casemodding & airbrashing
Non-constructive thoughts about modding...

    All began when one day my neighbour, he is Automatic Control Engineer, came and started to beg me to give him one diode. When I asked him why, he typed modding in a search engine. And it had a great effect on me. I was sick about it. Maybe there is nothing accidental in the world and this modding seed fell into good soil. All my life I was interested in design.

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