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Determination of necessary capacity of computer power unit.

          Processing power of modern computer doubles every year, clock rates go off scale, they grow like weed, and processor nucleuses multiply like cockroach… Processors are manufactured with marvelous safety margin; this is used not only by overclockers but every rational man… Computer hardware is becoming faster and faster… and… more resource-hungry… In 2005 a 400 watt power unit was a rarity, and nowadays it is a minimum… It’s difficult to surprise somebody even with a 1500 watt power unit, and home computers are equipped with at least 500-600 watt…
So, let’s examine whether computer hardware has started to consume more current, and how much… in other words, what has changed since the year 2005 from the point of view of power consumption by computer accessories.

          To make for greater clarity, I consider it important to divide computers in “every day - office” and “advanced – for games”.
Rise of capacity of an average processor didn’t affect considerably its power consumption; moderately priced models of video cards didn’t start to consume more energy too. Mother board, hard disks, DVD drivers and other articles also didn’t increase their appetite… Thus we can say with confidence that an average computer didn’t start to consume more, and this is an indisputable advantage of modern nanotechnology.
          Let’s take up more advanced samples – workstations and game computers. Here the situation is quite different… In far 2005, Pentium and Athlon were lords of creation, having maximum consumption of 90 watt; while the modern multinuclear processors consume up to 150 watt… Situation with video cards is even more striking.., leaders of those times - X800GT and GF6600, with consumption of 50 watt – have been left far behind not only by their capacity… Modern video cards consume up to 250 watt in design mode, not to mention overclocking…
          Thus, why did the capacity of an average power unit rise so considerably if consumption of such computer stayed the same? My opinion is that manufacturers deceive us… and do this in elementary way – they pose weak power units as powerful. I don’t speak about Chinese No Name fakes, but eminent producers such as… in a word, almost all manufacturers do this, not to offend anybody I avoid mentioning the names… I’m sure that producers do this substitution not only for the sake of selfish ends… market dictates them its rules and they just have nothing to do but cheat for the sake of their own survival! Don’t you believe me? Buy a dozen of different power units and test their real capacity; 7 out of 10 power units won’t stand the test… To my reckoning, almost all producers cheat on about 20-30%. But sometimes they cheat on more than 50%. In other words, the manufacturer takes an old 300 watt model and marks on the packing 450W… More “spare” deceive is from famous company InWin – model InWin-430 is a standard 300 watt power unit… And this is not kept back as current consumption is indicated correct… and what you reckoned when you saw the name InWin-430 and was mistaken is your personal concern.

          I hope there is no need to explain what for a good, high-quality and safe power supply unit is necessary. It’s necessary to provide safe operation of the computer, to protect expensive accessories from getting out of order because of too low or too high voltage, and of course in order to nobody would be injured with electric current through unsafe and low-quality isolation of high-voltage components of the power unit…
When you face the problem of choosing a power supply unit I recommend you famous manufacturers, such as FSP, Zalman, Chieftec, Termaltake, PowerMan, CoolerMaster, AcBel, Hiper, Delta, Zippy.. Alas, this won’t protect you from a deception but you’ll have some quality assurance. “Some quality assurance” is a precise expression as it’s difficult to speak more confidently… for example, under the trade brand “Thermaltake” you can buy a number of devices of No Name Chinese factories. How is it possible to avoid deception? There is a simple way out – chose a power unit model and investigate this web site in search of comments and reviews on this definite model. Unfortunately, this also won’t give you 100% guarantee; you know that all reviews are written for money…

          All mentioned above is necessary to know for determination of power unit capacity. A farsighted reader has already drawn conclusions and will buy a power unit which is 30% more powerful then required having read beforehand comments about this particular model in internet and as a result won’t pay attention to false manufacturers. All this increases chance to buy a high-quality power source…
          To determine a power unit capacity, you may use our uncomplicated service. The programme is a usual calculator which contains data about popular accessories. By means of it you can easily calculate capacity necessary for your computer power supply unit.

    I wish everyone good modding

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