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Silent computer

Silent computer - upgrade of hardware

    I disassemble computer, remove power unit, CD, video card, and the rest, and unscrew lateral radiators. I disassemble the previous motherboard, clean it from the dust and wash off thermal grease with spirit. I‘ll sell it in the flea market inexpensively; it can still serve to someone...

    I remove chipset radiator from the new motherboard. It is glued on a pink cud, which easily softened in heating. For this purpose it is enough to touch radiator for 20-30 seconds with heated up soldering iron and to remove radiator with rotary movement... be not overzealous, heating should not be more than up to 60 degrees. Remains of the cud can be washed off only with acetone...

    Further I make protection of crystal from chip by Mortis method. I strongly recommend this mode; it will protect your nerves and motherboard chip from damage during installation of cooling. I did not have cold welding and used conventional epoxy, waiting until it thickens up to the consistence of plasticine...

  There couldn’t be too much cooling, thought I... and I’ve made lower heat removers for bridge and chipset, at the same time for other chips with MOSFET’s.

   I cut gaskets out of heat-conducting rubber, apply paste and assemble.

  Everything is ready; I make testing and run hardware in hard mode...

 ..then I install Windows and another software at the same time. Phew... I don’t like this...

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Silent computer
Modding technology
    Hi all! It's my first moding

Hi all! It's my first moding
Non-constructive thoughts about modding...

    All began when one day my neighbour, he is Automatic Control Engineer, came and started to beg me to give him one diode. When I asked him why, he typed modding in a search engine. And it had a great effect on me. I was sick about it. Maybe there is nothing accidental in the world and this modding seed fell into good soil. All my life I was interested in design.

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