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Mod "LowSphere"

  Assembly of the frame
  Fixing and tightening of central plates to the bottom hemisphere was made with 8 hinges for glass doors. To tell the truth, in order to install them and then to lock hemispheres it was necessary to finish edges of the plates making 5 mm grooves in them. Then there left just to fix the cap tension hinges and lock them to assemble the entire construction.

  The decor represents a set of PVC plates of black color riveted by the corners on all acryl plates in some allowable disorder. At that moment I understood that I have made a huge mistake - as it would be easier and better to make it simultaneously with assembly of the panels – it would be more accurate and better and saved the number of rivets on the panel.

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Silent computer
Modding technology
    Our first modding. We did it at school.

Our first modding. We did it at school.
Non-constructive thoughts about modding...

    All began when one day my neighbour, he is Automatic Control Engineer, came and started to beg me to give him one diode. When I asked him why, he typed modding in a search engine. And it had a great effect on me. I was sick about it. Maybe there is nothing accidental in the world and this modding seed fell into good soil. All my life I was interested in design.

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