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Silent computer

Alternative means of lowering the hard disk noise: Hot switching off

   Soft: program devcon.exe – console analogue of device manager. You can download it here.

   At first, solder the toggle switches to be able to switch off the hard disk power supply straight hot-swap. Don’t worry. This will make no damage to it, unless you stop the power supply when something is being recorded or read off (you can define this by the heads crackle). The toggle must have two rows of contacts as we need to disconnect two wires at one time: +5V and +12V (to disconnect ground is not necessary).

   If you have the same as me, I can prompt you the layout of contacts, not to make you use multimeter once again:

   Take an adapter connector, nip off the ventilation part, and trim the rest as shown in the photo: cut the side wires in the middle, the black wires – almost at the base provided that they could be spliced then.

   Solder it in the following way:

   Reclaim it a bit…

   My switch came out compact since the subject hard disk lies on the table. If your hard disk is placed in the case, it’s sensible to lengthen the wires to the toggle and fit it into a 5-inch faceplate for the sake of convenience. Well, the work with hardware is finished; lets pass to the soft.

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Silent computer
Modding technology
    The case from an aluminium profile

The case from an aluminium profile
Non-constructive thoughts about modding...

    All began when one day my neighbour, he is Automatic Control Engineer, came and started to beg me to give him one diode. When I asked him why, he typed modding in a search engine. And it had a great effect on me. I was sick about it. Maybe there is nothing accidental in the world and this modding seed fell into good soil. All my life I was interested in design.

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