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Modding server 1U

   If an amateur decides to assemble server on his own, though I doubt it, I take a risk of giving some advices…
•  If a server stands out from the crowd of its faceless fellow devices, that’s definitely good. Nonstandard and beautiful panel looks «expensive», and expensive hardware is always treated better.., at least administrator won’t confuse it with the others and won’t switch it of by mistake :)
•  Buy case taking into account your mother board… omit the first part of the article and don’t make such mistakes.
•  Don’t make big beautiful buttons in the front panel because system administrators will be tempted to reboot the server…
•  Don’t assemble server without assistance if you are not well-experienced computer specialist. If you have free time, spend it on the analysis of the situation (at least a week).
•  Don’t take super new hardware, it will be difficult to find drivers for them.
•  Never use desktop hardware of home computers in servers, this rule is important and guarantees safety. Memory is often more important than processor for webserver, so provide more memory.
•  If mother board has several processors, buy all of them. Processors from different lots can fail to work together or may malfunction. This doesn’t concern memory…
•  Don’t overestimate your abilities, don’t forget about hidden agendas, they are everywhere. Few computerniks are aware of problems with Intel. Server assemblers don’t reveal this secret because they earn on it. Server cooling must be thoroughly thought over and have considerable allowance. Take into consideration the work condition of server in a year when it will be covered with a layer of dust. Will you be able to clean it regularly?
•  If you care for safe functioning of the server, don’t forget to change hard disks once a two year period regardless of their workability. I change them in my home computer as well…
•  You will be surprised but even large hosters still use the outdated P3. Web-servers work with Linux system, this means completely another performance… It differs greatly from Microsoft, modern binuclear processor will stay actual at least for the next 10 years.
•  If you are a pragmatic well-to-do man, don’t save money, buy a brand server: SUN, AMD, Tyan, HP, DELL, etc. You may choose the brand on your taste. The money which you overpay will let you sleep calm. Besides famous brands, the quality of Tyan inspires respect; it is an excellent manufacturer of server hardware. SUN offers very high fail-safety and the prices of servers are favourable. You can buy an ordinary model for about 1000 dollars…

SUN server

   Look how its construction is well thought over: each cooler stands on a rubber hanger bracket… Do you know what for? If a fan stops working and its motor causes vibration, such rubber hanger will save the expensive server hard disks from damage.

   Any experienced server administrator can tell you a story about troubles with hard disks caused by damaged coolers… Besides, server SCSI or SAS cost much money – up to 600 dollars per unit, and they are rarely installed one at a time. I’d like to back up safe multinuclear processors developed by SUN, as well as their operational memory Solaris. Quality, service, prices and clients appreciacion are at the highest level. In short, if I had enough money for a brand server I would prefer SUN.

SUN server inside

   The photograph illustrates a top model with 32-current processor - SPARC Enterprise which costs 8000$...
Any block of SUN server can be removed without application of tools: snap with a nice lettuce green clip and take off the power unit, disk or block of fans. Intelligent electronics switches off the server not only when the cooler goes down but even when its rotational speed alters. We couldn’t start it up though only one of its four fans was absent…
Let me finish now.., I wish everybody 100% server up-time and successful modding! If you have tried to make a similar mode, write me and send photos, I’m awfully interested… Did anybody dare to make such modding?


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